Sisterhood in Xi chapter

Gamma Phi's live through love, labor, learning, loyalty and laughter each day. Sisterhood plays such a large part in our chapters day to day lives and we believe that by living through these values we are able to be our true and authentic selves. The Panhellenic community as a whole will introduce you to friendships that will last forever! Whether it be through formals, philanthropic events or socials. 

We celebrate our sisterhood through so many different ways. Each year we go on a raft trip and to pick flowers before school starts in order to help new members learn more about their new sisters and home! We also have sisterhood events throughout the year such as participating in intramurals together, big little relationships, self care nights, ice skating, vandal sporting events and so many more!

Vandal game days

U-Pick Flowers


Sunny days

Crescent reveal



Big and little